Alessandro Fiorini controlla le uve arrivate in cantina

The 2013 harvest has just finished for Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano. Now that all the grapes are at last in the cellar, we can make a comment regarding this vintage. In this interview, we’ve asked Alessandro Fiorini, our agronomist, who guide our members-vine-growers throughout the whole year, to tell us about this vintage.

Let’s start from the beginning, that is to say from the spring, when the vine, once again, starts its vegetal cycle. 

In Maremma, this year we’ve had a slow spring, due to the rain and the lower temperatures. As a consequence, the vines started their vegetal cycle late, that is to say in comparison with recent years when it had been quite precocious.

How about the summer?

It’s been a nice, balanced season, it was functional for the growth of the plant. At the same time, the vines already had this delay, so the harvest too arrived late, in comparison with what we had become used to during recent years. For instance, last year we began to pick the white grapes on August 22nd, this year we started on September 4th, and then followed with the red grapes, as usual.

Two weeks of delay, then…

Yes, though in fact this was a regular vintage for the territory and in general for theSangiovese grape, which for us is the main protagonist.

What is your overall opinion on this vintage? 

It’s been a nice season, which has certainly gone beyond expectations. With regards to white wine, this fresh vintage was excellent, in particular for our  Vermentino. The bunches arrived to maturation in perfect conditions, both in terms of quality and structure of the bunch. The wines we have obtained stand out because of their richness in aromas. As for red wines, the selections we made in the vineyards have allowed us to obtain an optimal maturation and excellent results for our  Morellino di Scansano Docg, with regards to the quality of the grapes that arrived in the cellar, and of the sensorial characteristics we have already noticed with our oenologist Paolo Cagiorgna, during the first tastings that took place after the drawing off.|1528alessandro-fiorini-controllo-uve_zps6b4fccf8

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