Blogger Cornelius Duarte recently wrote about our Governo Toscano IGT Vin del Fattore on Here’s the beginning of the post, just to stimulate your curiosity and appetite for more.

Back to the Future in Italian Wine

scansano2-photoIn the past when the grapes were picked the farmers left the less ripened grapes on the vine. The ripened grapes were picked and fermented. After a 6-8 week period the remaining grapes were picked, crushed and then added to the already fermented grapes to start a second round of fermentation and even aid the malolactic fermentation. The results were a more complete usage of all of the grapes and a softer and fruitier wine that was ready for drinking in a shorter period than the normal Morelino di Scansano. For the poorer farmers, the latter was an important thing. Read the full article here. 2016-04-06 alle 10.48.54

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