Work in progress

Here are a couple of pictures which were taken yesterday, in the morning, in order to tell you about our new project: we are renovating the area where the grapes will be received when our members-vintners will deliver the fruit of their harvest. Works began at the beginning of May and represent the final phase of a series of investments which, since 2005, have led Cantina dei Vignaioli del Morellino di Scansano to invest over 7 million euros in innovation. Our aim is to finish this new area in time for the next harvest – fingers crossed! Once this goal will be reached, we won’t stop, not yet. Works to build a new area to stock our bottled wines will start and hopefully end by next spring. Sensitive to the theme of environmental sustainability, both structures will host a  149 KWH photovoltaic system. This will allow us to produce more or less 70% of the energy we need for our activities. As for the materials used, together with local technician Fabio Fabbri, from Grosseto, who designed the project, we chose to use steel for the structure, so as to have few columns and wood for the roof in order to maximise the covered area and thermal insulation. There’s no stopping us. In fact, our investment continue so we can grow further.|1522area-ricezione-web2_zps1f8eed30nuova area ricezione

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