img_00000746Today the harvest began with our Viognier grapes which, for the third year will also serve to produce our Viognier Toscano Igt, made entirely with this variety. Today we also launched our new press, one of our latest investments with the objective of constantly increasing the quality of our wines. The uniqueness of this press is given by the fact that it works in a “closed” environment: the grapes are pressed inside this machine which is full of carbon dioxide. As the grapes gradually enter the press, the carbon dioxide is collected in the grey balloon you can see in the picture above the press. img_00000745This allows us to work without any contact with oxygen, avoiding any oxidation and thus maintaining all the colour and aromatic characteristics of the grapes intact. On top of that, this investment allows us to reduce our energy consumption (we will use only 1/3 of the energy we normally used), while at the same time reducing carbon dioxide emissions, as it is captured in the balloon. In this way this innovation can help in reducing also the environmental impact. A nice news dedicated in particular to our white and rose wines at the beginning of this 2013 harvest. For those who are curious about our Morellino… here are a few photos taken during the inspections we made in the vineyards at the end of last week, together with our agronomist Alessandro Fiorini. [nggallery id=11]|1518vendemmia 2013

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