Since the debut, almost 50 years ago, our mission has been making high quality wines.

Since the start, almost 50 years ago, our mission was to provide high quality wines. We want to represent our region at its best, we believe our wines and in particular our Morellino di Scansano, can act as ambassadors of what Maremma Toscana has to offer to those visiting our area, wether they want to travel in their dreams, while enjoying a glass of wine at home or in their favourite restaurant, or visit us at our region.

There’s plenty of work behind a glass of wine.
Quality is a ceaseless process.

Quality, however, is not easy to get. There’s plenty of work behind a glass of wine. Our members are well aware of this, quality is a ceaseless process, which starts from tending the vineyard every day, following the directions given by our agronomist based on the grape variety, the climate during that specific season and the features of each vineyard.

vignaioli del morellino di scansano che raccolgono l'uva
controllo delle uve

This is why our members follow strict rules throughout the year.

This is essential so that the grapes collected during harvest are of the highest quality. And of course this hard work must be repaid – it’s not just an imposition. This is why it’s important that we classify the grapes when they arrive at the winery, so as to reward each member based on the quality of the grapes. In doing so we’re happy to say we’re among the co-ops in Italy that pay the highest fees to their members. We distribute our profits to them, and by doing so we can spread the outcome of our work among their 170 families, and, through them to our region.

Environmental and social responsibility

On top of this, we are also focusing on environmental sustainability.  We have certified and reduced the carbon footprint of our wines, and in general their impact on the environment, also thanks to the VIVA Sustainable Wines certificate given by the Italian Ministry for the Environment. In collaboration with Università della Tuscia and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa we-re also implementing the use of ozone in the vineyard and in the cellar, and the use of Internet of Things technologies so as to reduce the environmental impact.