The area of Maremma (the name coming from Maretima, that is to say close to the sea) is a large area on the coast of Tuscany and Northern Latium. It goes from the province of Livorno and Pisa (Alta Maremma), has its central and main part in the province of Grosseto (called Maremma Grossetana or simply Maremma, where Scansano is also located), and then continues south, to inlcude Maremma Laziale, north of Civitavecchia.

Maremma has the charm of a place of discovery and conquest, a place that has been spared by the extensive urbanisation that is characterising many other agricultural territories. The poverty that characterised this area until the Fifties – when reclamation of the land was finally completed and Maremma stopped being a land of poverty and emigration with its swamplands close to the sea – has led to a still untouched countryside that spreads in front of your enchanted eyes. Indeed, until relatively recently, the Maremma region was divided into a coastal area with swamplands and a hilly and drier area inland, with small villages such as Scansano on the hilltops.

Driving on the winding roads that go from the coast towards Scansano and the other inland villages, you sense that time is diluted, there’s no rush so you can enjoy the gentle profile of the hills, defined by plots of wheat, scattered with sheaves, delineated by vineyards and olive orchards, or dotted with sheep. Here and there a farm appears on a hilltop, and you can already imagine the view it bestows: a unique scenery that can go as far as Mount Argentario and Isola del Giglio and the Tyrrhenian sea.

There are many beautiful places to be found in this area of Maremma: from nature to architecture, from archaeology to gastronomy, from the butteri (local cowboys) to wine, Maremma is a land full of well kept secrets ready to be unveiled to its visitors.

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